Ideas for Room and House Makeovers

Ideas for Room and House Makeovers

When a person is tired of looking at the old interiors of his / her house which could be boring and dull, it’s time to do a makeover of the place depending upon the budget. Normally, people prefer to do sprucing up just before Diwali and give it a rich look. It need not be very expensive and time-consuming. Some useful ideas for a makeover of your apartment.

Paint the walls a little brighter

To add style and stuff to a dull room, one can just paint one wall in a different color using texture paint or wallpaper. One can also put some interesting paintings or wall hangings with appropriate lighting. Alternatively brightening up the dark corners of the room with a new color is a good option.

Create a new look with Drapes and Furnishing

New curtains and trendy cushion covers can add a positive impact to a room. One can choose either curtain or cushions to save on cost. People also go in for conversion of unused old silk saris as curtains or even cushion covers by adding readymade lace to give that rich look.

Show up your creativity

You can be a bit imaginative to create your own style. You can change the lighting and bulbs in the bedroom. It could give the room a whole new feel. You can also frame interesting pieces of fabrics to create a tapestry or you can try the modern wall stickers to give a new look to the wall. You can replace normal curtains with roman blinds.

Change direction

If you move your Sofa to a different location in the living room or just remove any excess furniture it creates absolutely a new look. This way of shifting the furniture is really easy and saves a lot of money, yet it adds to the décor of the room. You can do this every three months or so.

Turn green

It’s a trend to bring in a couple of potted plants in the living room. It no doubt adds freshness to the room. Whether they are live plants or artificial plants both add some color. Additionally one can bring in the miniature fountain to add to the classy look. 

Cook it up in the kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen, options could be actually many. You can add racks or mounting shelves on blank walls. Or you can actually have a pin-up board to stick recipes and other photos. Also one can get a glass cabinet to display the bone china items to add to the décor.

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